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Can breast lotions help to keep womens breast stiff?
I have large breast. but i want to know if these collogen lotions and products helps to keep breast stiff. Because men seem to be obsessed with womens breast.
There is nothing to keep them stiff breasts are just fatty tissue nothing we can do
Do womens breast sag after having a baby?
Do womens breast sag after having a baby?
Depends on age and genetics. Your breasts grow during pregnancy, and sometimes reduce in size after, causing sagging. Breastfeeding does not cause you to sag, pregnancy does.
Why does milk come out of the womens breast?
does milk come out of the womens breast when shes pregnant and when shes had the baby! only at these times???

or can milk come when shes not??? can that happen??? but she has a 9 year old girl...
no that should not happen. if so go to doctor and have it checked out.
Can men tell when a womens breast are abnormally shaped?
ive noticed that my breast are not full or cup shaped like most regular girls, they seem to sag a bit already and just look heavy. Can he notices? and does he care?
He may notice, but I seriously doubt he or any other man would care honey. I know I wouldn't.
Is it true that womens breast explode in car crashes or when their getting stoned?
I heard it makes a pop sound that can be heard 100 meters away. .
Milk and blood everywhere.
How come when most rated R movies come that have sex scenes in them show womens breast and their body naked?
but They dont show the mans penis? Im not saying i would like to see it but how or why is that? anybody know what im talking about?
Each rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC -17, X, etc..) has certain standards for what they can and can't show and how long they can show it. Each piece of the body is a different level, so they could show a penis for x amount of seconds, but no breasts, butt, etc., Or they could show breasts throughout the whole movie, and no penis. They have limitations for how long they can show a certain thing or a certain limit on how many times they can say a certain word before the movie gets another rating. If they were to keep all of the breast shots that have AND add a penis, it would probably get a higher rating and not be shown in theaters.

It all depends on what the producers and directors think the movie needs more of, a little of one thing, or a lot of another

Also, I'm not saying if they show a penis, they can't show any other form of nudity, it's like I said, they only have a certain time limit of showing a certain part and they ration those out to what they want.
Does eating chicken increase womens breast size?
Does eating chicken increase womens breast size? I am having a debate with my mum, because she doesn't believe me, but I've heard that many times. Have you heard of that before and do you know if it's true.
It can do, if you eat enough. Most chicken in the US is reared using large amounts of female hormones and high levels of female hormones do indeed lead to larger breasts.

Most US beef is also reared using large amounts of female hormones.

This is one factor leading to breast size in US women being considerably greater than in most of the rest of the world, even when we're talking about women from the same ethnic groups.
Do you think showing a womens breast on a guyrens show should be allowed if its about breastfeeding?
without letting the parents of the guyren viewing that it will be shown before the show starts? just incase they do not approve of it? just wondering because i was watching a guyrens TV show on PBS the other day and this popped up. and i don't mean just a baby feeding, but the whole nipple and breast area thanks :D
I can understand how some people might be a bit confronted by that but to me, it is just a part of your body. It is not like it was displayed in a sexual manner. There are probably many guys that watched it that remember breastfeeding, have a brother or sister that is breastfeeding or is still breastfeeding themselves. I think that once you start trying to hide things like that that's when they become risque
But like I said, I can understand how other people would disagree and a warning at the start probably would have been good for those people
Why are the womens breast so attractive?
I've been wondering, why are boobs soo attractive. There very nice looking and everything but why are they so attractive. Please anybody, can u answer my question?
boys want to 'feel' them.

- Make your hands numb and place them on your boobs. It feels like a boy if holding them!

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