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Should there be more teenage girl models?
I don't see why not!
Mote culotte models!
What are some good role models for a teenage girl?
I am looking for a good role model. I want someone who made a difference in our world for the better and who didn't end up on drugs or drinking (like being an alcoholic). Someone who had to work their way, not have a rich and/or famous parent to already make them famous. I don't need someone who is recent, I don't care if their dead or not, or if they're from the 1800s or some other time long ago. Can I also have some background information on this person to? Thank you!
Lady Gaga and Meryl Streep. A bunch of people are prob. like Lady Gaga? No way in HELL is she a good role model, but she is a good role model because of how hard she worked to get to where she is now. And although she does do a lot of things like giving people the finger and whatever she actually is a pretty good role model. She has this side to her that's reaonable, smart and kind. And she is very grounded and just through interviews she seems like a very well-rounded person. Lady Gaga is definatley making a difference in our world one sequen at a time ;D Lol. And Meryl Streep is considered the greatest actress ever. 16 Oscar nominations, more than anyone ever and two wins. She is definatley a great role model because she also worked hard to get where she is today and she seems like an amazing person.
Can a teenage girl still model with braces?
Im 15 and i want to get into the modeling career, but i still have braces. I have the clear braces on the top, and the regular on the bottom.
Yes yes and yes!

I am about your age and I have braces on. I've been modeling for a while with them. I just keep my mouth shut :)

Agencies will probably tell you to come back once they are off but in the meantime work on your portfolio and do some TFP shoots.
Guys, would you rather date a teenage girl or a teenage model? (but they are equally pretty)?
They are equally pretty but the girl is bubbly and stuff and the model is calm and relaxed. Okkk thankss bii
the bubbly and stuff one for me :)
Forgot the name of a manga about a teenage girl model-actress who gets picked up by a really rich guy.?
Basically when they start doing it, she's drawn as a bunny and he is a wolf. I also remember that the story is several chapters long. He ends up losing his company three different ways, but gets it back each time. The guy also will eventually become a prominent figure for Tokyo, whether it was Prime Minister, President, etc. it escapes me now.
Thanks for any help though :)
i'm pretty sure you're looking for "love celeb"

Car models for teenage girl?
I just need suggestions.. im quite short btw! i wont be buying for 6months but still, wanna start looking now.
I was thinking VW golf, peugeot 206.. thats all i know? oh or which fords are nice small n cheap?Thanking you!!
Get a chevy cobalt. or get a chevy el camino something by gm because if your getting an older car parts are abundant for GM cars and trucks
What are some good role models for teenage girls of European ancestry ?
My daughter is at that age, she needs good women too look up to. My wife is a great woman but we a realists and know that she will be looking else ware for an answer.

So far my wife and I have come up with April Gaede as a good role model for a white teenager
My wife also thinks another is Savitri Devi Mukherji who we named our daughter Devi after

what are some more?
i googled both those people. April Gaede is.. well, i don't know. couldn't find anything on her. as for Savitri Devi Mukherji, she's dead. find someone who is a little older than your daughter and alive. better yet, let her find her own idol.
What about teenage boy's role models?
So you hear alot about Jamie-Lynn spears, and Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus and if they are good teenage girl role models etc. And the others, but this is my question, what about role models for teenage boys? Why don't we have any for them?
We have so few role models for guys because there are so few good upstanding men to be an example for young men. There are still men with good morals, who treat women with respect and seek to protect and provide for their families. If you find one encourage him and tell him what an inspiration his lifestyle and decisions are.
Disney movie where twins are separated and one is a model and one is just a average teenage girl. What is it?
This is a movie which I saw on disney channel a long time ago. It is about twins who are separated. One is a model who in the movie is dating Justin Timberlake while the other is just an average Teenage girl, and they end up switching places.
Model Behavior. They're not twins or relateed just two girls who look just like each other played by the same actress.
Which diva do u think will become a teenage girl role model?
i think after michelle mccool turns face she should do it
Ashley............ lol not really it proably is Mickie James or Melina cause melina does these teen help things over poor hispanic girls

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