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Where can i find plus size sexy bras at ?
i need websites i am looking for something sexy like with the "n" out
Hope I helped.……
Where can I find a sexy, comfortable plus size bra?
My wife has to resort to sports bras just to feel comfortable because of her girth and volume. The superstructure of larger bras are almost always of the wire type in order to buttress the ta tas but they dig in and hurt. I need some kind of hybrid garment that is robust enough to lift and flatter without causing sag and splatter. Thanks
Hi there - I am a plus sized woman and I buy mine from Lovers Lane - they have super sexy lingerie even for plus sized ladies. If you look at the sizing chart below each product photo it will go into detail about what to buy. Here's a link for you…

Good luck!
Don't you hate it when you are shopping for sexy bras & undies and you stumble on to the plus size models Ugh!?
It kind of ruins the whole effect! LOL

Or almost as comical is seeing the skinny models in big old granny briefs!
Okay, first of all, are you the one shopping for the bras and undies and are they for you? Secondly, if you are shopping for your girlfriend, DON'T because men can't buy bras or undies that fit or feel right for the woman. Now back to your problem with plus size models. I find anyone who is so narrow minded as to want to put every woman in a size 0, more of a turn off then anything because what really turns me on is a man who can appreciate a woman for everything and all that she is and if granny briefs (which all woman wear during their periods) are part of her wardrobe, then good for her and how sad for you that you let the size of a woman limit your ability to reach an erection. You can reach and erection, can't you? And if we are speaking about mens penis size, then there is much more to talk about as far as men "ruining the whole effect" LOL
Is there anywhere to get pretty plus size bra's (40D) without paying $40.00 or more?
I'd ike to start dressing a little sexier for my husband, but it's hard to find truly sexy bras in my size...especially with matching panties, because if you do find sets, the bras always come with panties that are too large for me. Does anyone know of any cheaper places that I can try??…
Plus size nursing bras?
For all you plus sized nursing mommies, where did you find your nursing bras? I'm a 40D and am having a hard time finding ones that: a) seams don't show through a t-shirt
b) very supportive with underwire that
WON'T poke through (one from target
kept doing this to me)
c) no side spillage
d) does "sexy" and "nursing bra" exist in
the same sentence???lol

1) Sexy and nursing bra do not exist in the same sentence. Its ok- they will have their time again in the future. lol
2) I found that you need to go to maternity stores to get good nursing bras. Destination Maternity is great.
3) Stay away from the bras that look cute and get the one that is ugly like your grandmas that provides good support, coverage and is comfortable. lol
Where to buy sexy lingerie for 36DDDD/G size?

My bra size is 36DDDD/G and when i search for sexy lingeries for my size in the normal store/online my size is not there and when i search in plus size category i don't fall under plus size...all sizes starts from 38!..i a m looking for sexy bras and other sexy wears...can someone help pls...

thanks! has the best bras but they are in Uk sizes. You would ware a British F. Make sure before you buy them you check you size at a propper bra fitters.
Where can I get mix and match plus-size lingerie when I'm small on top?
I'm a plus size woman, but I only wear a 36B bra. That makes it hard for me to find sexy matching bras and underwear. Does anyone know of a site or store where I can buy matching lingerie small on top and big on bottom? is your best bet. They carry women's and plus size lingerie. is worth a look. - specializes in more practical undies but you might see something you like for every day
Where can I find CUTE plus size thongs/panties and bras IN-STORE?
Keep rude comments to yourself, please(:

I like to feel sexy, even if other people don't see it. When I do feel sexy, I feel confident.

Thanks!! (:
You should try Torrid. They normally carry lingerie, and the store is a plus size store.

However, if you have rather large breasts in a normal band size, 34-38, DD and above, then you'll have a hard time finding bras there, and you should try Victoria's Secret, or Fredrick's of Hollywood.
Where can I find sexy bras/lingerie for my wife with big breast?
Where can I find sexy bras/lingerie for my wife with big breast?

My wife is 5'4", 140lbs. Her bra size is a 34ddd, and she's a size Medium.

The bras I've been able to find are plain and/or ugly. And the only lingerie I can find to fit her breast is plus size, but she's too small to fit plus size.

Does anyone have any ideas or website? Also, if you have links to specific items that would work, please feel free to post those as well.

I've been buying lingerie for over half my life, I've bought lingerie for skinny women and plus size women, but my wife presents a unique challenge.
try fredericks of hollywood
victoria secret

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