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What are some sexy, fun summer footwear for a gay guy?
I already wear flip flops daily, but I was thinking about getting some gladiator sandals?
open toe sandals would be an appropriate choice.
Do you have any idea how important sexy footwear is? (And No!, I do not have a shoe and/or foot fetish)?
I just wanted you to know that at least some men appreciate all those shoes that you all keep buying. And just out of curiosity, why do women own so many pairs of shoes? Who's really the one(s) with the shoe fetish here?
Yes! It is almost as important as clothes.- They can add such a grace and/or style or make you look completely cheap.

I have to admit tha,t although women claim to deal more with these issues, I have seen very few who have taste in shoes' collection.

We collect shoes because we need each pair for a different circumstance. It is actually more of a social need. It's not something we can't live without, that's for sure...

Personally, I don't have any obsession with them but, I can still recognize their value. Both shoes and clothes usually show many things about the character of a person..The first of them is taste.
Are you one of those girls that never wears revealing/sexy footwear ? i.e mules, pumps,heels,flip flops..?
i ask this because i have noticed a particular girl at college who never wore flip flops,sandals or anything to cool her feet down during summer 07. Why do some girls wear sneakers and socks 24/7 ?? i wore sandals on one occasion a few summers back, i felt like it was unnessesary and the whole 'comfort' factor was over rated. I wear sneakers all the time cos they're the most convenient and comfortable footwear.

Could that also be why some ladies ONLY wear sneakers ?

get back to me on this one.
That, or they really don't particularly care if guys are attracted to their feet, they have bad arches or some other malformity of bone structure that requires extra support, they find heels/flipflops/mules etc. extremely uncomfortable, they don't pay a lot of attention to their feet and they're gross...

LOTS of reasons.
Q For Guys!! What do you find is the sexiest footwear on a woman?
Sky high stilettos, pointy toe or round toe,Sexy Boots suede or leather, or flats or flip flops?
Flip Flops just because...
Whats one thing to do to everyday to look sexy?
whats easiest / fastest thing to do everyday to LOOK sexy through out the day...?
skinny jeans? big sexy hair?
footwear? eyeliner?
all of the above?
i'm "cute" i get gussied up and look sexy but i want a quick easy everyday fix. I want a sexy edge (SEXY- NOT whorey/slutty) ps i'm already "attractive" i just want a spice up! NO crazy rude comment pls
well the sexiest thing to do would be to walk around knowing you are sexy. But on a physical level subtle smoky eyes and bright lipstick.
What is the sexiest footwear?
Worn with a mid-thigh length skirt?
How can you look good for work if a long walk in limits your choice of footwear?
I have a very hilly 15 minute walk into work each morning as there's no company car park and I always end up wearing trousers and boring flat shoes purely because of this. I work in an office and I'd love to look a bit more fashionable and sexier but how can I dress in a better way, particularly with footwear, and still manage to make the journey without getting blisters or falling over in huge heels? I'd love some tips!
buy a big stylish bag to carry ur nice shoes in then when u get in2 work go to the toilet and put them on and put ur comfy shoes in the bag then change back on ur way home or jst leave ur nice shoes in work if u can.
Question to you ladies regarding footwear in winter ?
I'm one of those guys who likes womens feet. A lot actualy.

So you can imagine when summer ended , I was in tears.

Back in the cupboard went your sandals and flip flops and out came the big boots.

Boots can be sexy too in a way but I like to see the beauty of the womans foot accentuated by some sexy footwear, not just summer footwear but stuff like 'mules' and 'slides' , fotowaer which contrasts and shows off the sexiness of a womans foot.


also, I wanted to know that if ALL women have now officialy stopped wearing flats, heel orientated shoes and open toed orientated footwear - and gone straight for boots, closed footwear and/or sneakers, given that its freezing cold now in England.

I saw a woman walking around Asda today wearing Flats, she had nice looking feet by the looks of it. I thought that was bold of her wearing that type of footwear in such cold weather as no man in his right frame of mind would be wearing anything but trainers or shoes.

but are you one of the few who can brave the weather (if its not extreme) and be seen wearing sexy footwear around this time of the year ?

also if u happen to have a pic of your feet in/out of your shoes , do please provide a link of some sort lol.

all the best

and wish you a grest festive season
haha i love people who have those funny obsessions over stuff like feet.
I live in the USA and here it is like minus 20 and snow.
Lets see...
Flip flops for summer beach.
Flats for fall
Sexy heels all year long
Winter sexy heels worn with cute tights or something like that.
Tennis shoes for working out
And boots for trudging through the snow. I mean come on hun you won't want to see cute feet freezing to death getting frost bite and have to be cut off! lol

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