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Are there any young female celebrities who aren't taking nude pictures of themselves?
Have some self respect for God's sake! If you miss him, send him a text or give him a call. Don't be clogging up the bandwidth with grainy pictures of your boobs/beaver. You know it'll only end up on the Internet when he dumps your @s$...
I hope that Beth Ditto never gets hold of a camera.
What nude website was I looking at?
Me and my cousin are trying to find this good nude celebrity website and don't remember what it was, I remember that before you clicked on the nude pics it had red stars on their boobs and had A LOT of nude female celebrities.
what does this have to do with drawing??
Which female celebrities would you like to see nude?
Angelina !!!
Guys over 40...of all the female celebrities who haven't done nude layouts?
who would you like to see do one (with taste of course) ?
I'm thinking Sela Ward, Annette Bening, Ann Margret, Dolly Parton, Linda Carter, Cheryl Ladd...
I would go for Geena Davis, Shelly Long and Kirsty!!

Take care, C.J....oh, and live long and prosper!
Is there something wrong with me? everytime I see a pretty female celebrity I google nude photos of them?
And I get angry when I can't find any
Well as long as ur not looking for pics of Roseanne.
Which female celebrity do you think would look the ugliest nude?
I would have to say: Victoria Beckham.
Amy Winehouse! It's scary enough seeing her with clothes! :]
I've noticed that a large percentage of female celebrities tend to....?
pose nude for various magazines and the like...are there any female celebrities that dont??..nd the ones who do pose nude...why do they do it??
Because... they like to be naked?
Which female celebrity that you would like to see...nude? ?
I'm just bored, so for the guys I'm playing this question for fun: Which female celebrity that you would like to see...nude? My top faves go to singers JoJo, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Hayley Williams (Paramore), and "Twilight" actress Kirsten Stewart.

all female candidates like singers jojo,amy lee,Hayley Williams and
Twilight actress kirsten stewart.

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