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Divorced dad needs help regarding ex wife and new wife mature helpful answers only please?
Ok lets just say my new wife and ex wife do not get along. The problem is i share custody of my 8 yr old with my exwife, we have been divorced for 4 yrs.Hear are my 2 problems.1. My ex wants to have joint b-day parties for our son but my new wife wants us to have seperate ones(meaning my son has 1 with us and 1 with his mom) this is how we have always done it since the divorce but my ex want to combine them now to "share the work/expense" 2. My ex does not want my new wife to attend parent/teacher conferences with me.My new wife feels she should go as my son lives with us 50% of the time and my ex should not go with me since we are divorced and my ex should go on her own. I agree with my new wife but i want to do whats best for my son.
I think it is a complicated situation and it is difficult to give advice, but I will tell you what I think and maybe it will give you some ideas.
I think your new wife should show more respect for the guy, and what is best for him. The guy is not an orphan so she has to deal with the fact that the boy has a mother, for best or for worse.
My husband has a son from a previous marriage and I never attempted to be a second mother to him. I respect him and that is all I can do. Whatever related to school and upbringing had to be done... I let my husband do and go...
I think your new wife is jealous and has not security regarding her condition in the marriage and regarding the boy and situation.
I think you should seek a councelor so a neutral person should explain to her... what her position is.
While you are in the midst of it,.. you'll loose one way or the other. Fix the position, define who is who as soon as possible.
good luck and focus on your guy above all.
Can a mature person have sex with a mature woman in a hotel in Delhi? while they are not husband-wife?
I want to know, can a mature married person have sex with a mature married woman in a Hotel, while they are not a Husband-wife without no any objection of Law?
Law never interferes in one's private activity unless and until it is causing any public inconvenience. You can have sex with anybody anywhere in the world provided your better half and latter's known (maybe better half in your case or parents or boyfriend or anyone connected with her) do not make any objection and lodge a complaint. Police has no time in asking for who is making sex with whom and where.
How to become a mature wife?
okay my parents wont let me get married to the love of my life until they notice that I'm becoming a mature responsible for being a wife but i need help with that what can i do to let them think that I'm become that please help
I'm guessing ur young but's some the laundry for everyone in ur house(and right) fold iron what not... learn to cook good food.....and cook everyday......pack ur parents lunch......clean the whole house.....and have a job........then they will see some responsibility.......but maybe u won't want to get married after that.......GOOD LUCK
my wife is too busy with guyren and do not care about her look and dress. she does not talk to me and ignore me always. i tried my best but in vain.
Yep. That's marriage. We live and learn.....
Adult websites: real mature wife/moms?
are there any websites that you know of that have real mature wife/moms photos, breast, ***, ect.

anyone who gives me a real answer ill post another question and choose you as best answer and give you a total of 20 points!
this is my favorite one!!…
Is The Time Traveler's Wife appropriate for a mature 14 year old?
Do you think they would like it? What's inappropriate in it?
It's definitely appropriate for a mature 14 year old; there are a couple of sex scenes, but nothing inappropriate.
I am looking for mature and honest answers. I am having doubts in my mind about my wife?
When I come from work my wife an usual smell in her breath. I don't want to think the worse but, it smells like semen. How do I approach her about this?

Thank you in advance for answers.

If you are a troll, please don't answer my question this is serious stuff.
Are you sure it doesn't smell like vadge? I usually make her do me the end of her shift.
Mature answers only how do i get my wife and ex wife to tolerate each other?
i have joint custody with my ex and live a few miles from her and my son.because of this i have almost daily contact with my ex(text msg/email/phone) regarding my son.The problem is my ex hates my new wife(jealous) and goes out of her way to torment her and makes her feel unwelcome around our son.This pisses off my wife and she will "feed the fire" so to say meaning she will do things that she knows will piss my ex off and i'm cought in the middle.Some will say i need to stand up for my new wife but i need to think of my young son too.Yes my exwife is to blame for this(mostly) but i'm taking the high road for my son by staying out of it.Is this the best way to handle this?
You need to set some boundaries. If the two of them are arguing and "feeding the fire" that is your fault and you need to step up. You should be the only one having interaction with your ex-wife regarding your guy. It's not your current spouses guy or business. If you can't step up and turn the situation around then there are mediation groups that will arrange the communication between you and your ex regarding you son. They will even provide a place to drop off the guy so you two never have to see each other. You all need to be more mature about this for the sake of the guy.
Up until a year ago no prob with sex life now constant pre mature ejaculation no physical changes wife and i h?
had good sexual relations what could have happened? I am a diabetic type 2 diagnosed two years ago and take metformin and diaretic lisonipril blood pressure pills can that cause this? I just don't get it anyone with similar expierience please write back. Thank You.
Side effect of medicines may cause ejaculation problem . You should contact your doctor for adjustment in medicines to keep the balance of your physical & sexual health problems. If this problem is not due to medicines than following reasons could be for this problem.
Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, low self-esteem, and fear of sexual failure cause are the major factors of such type of problem. Your partner can help with gradual development of intimacy and stimulation. Such techniques also can help relieve anxiety, fear and other psychological factors and change the mood. However if you want to increase the time you will have to learn to focus on gradual training and improving mental habituation to sex and physical development of stimulation control. In your pelvic region, various muscles come into play during the ejaculation process. If you can identify those particular muscles and if you can use exercises to develop control over them then you can attain total ejaculation control.
There are some techniques like heart rate technique, breathing technique, training of glans, masturbation and sex techniques. You may find the detail on website given in source

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