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What do I do to look mature? (pic included)?
How old do you think is she? And do you think a long bob (2 inches below shoulder length) -SHORTER THAN IN THE PIC- with choppy layers & chestnut brown hair would make her look a lot more mature? Please help. She needs this for career hunt. If you guessed teen years, you're wrong.

I don't think a bob would suit her much.
Maybe change her dress sense a bit, wear more pencil skirts and darker colours.
Heavier make up could also help.
How will she look mature? Recommendations appreciated (Pic Included)?
she's 20 believe it or not. she's my best friend. she gets irritated every time people thinks she's 16. what will you recommend for her to do to look mature? and another question, is she pretty?
Yes, she is pretty.

She does look young though, I think it's because of her well filled face. She has quite plump cheeks that make her look younger.
I think she needs to keep up a sophisticated looking style of eyeliner as in the picture, but also add some dark blusher/rouge to make her jawbones look higher up. It will make her more sophisticated and mature looking, as it will narrow down her face.
She also has a (nice of course :) filled nose, so ask her to do that trick where you put the middle of your nose with dark foundation, and the sides with light foundation, to make it look smaller. This will add to the jawline effect.

Don't wear any lipstick, she has the kind of face wear red lips will make her look younger. Keep it Au Natural :)
Good Luck
I need hair style help! Trying to look more mature (pic)?
What are some styles I can do with my hair that are more mature and sophisticated/classy?
I'm really into pin-up style hair, so tips on that would be helpful
The long parts are extensions, and I'm looking for hair styles I can do with the extensions in.

My current hair VV
Well if you search up "binosusume" on youtube, she has a lot of classy hairdos.
For short, medium, and long hair.
She doesn't speak in English but you can still understand by just watching it.
I really recommend watching her videos.
Which is more mature pic of me: with short hair or long hair? (picture)?


which is more mature? short or long hair? and do you think i'm pretty? :)
Short hair make you look a tab bit more mature. And yes, you are pretty.
How can I make myself look more mature and sophisticated (pic)?
While still looking natural and not stuffy. See my question:;…
ummm well if you want to look mature maybe straighten ur hair so its straight and sophisticated. also try some makeup. maybe eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and mascara. some color looks good too. so wear some feminine clothes that would look cute
I want to look more mature [repost] (pic)?
Im 16 goin on 17 here in a few days and i keep switching back and forth from long hair to short hair. I want to look older and more mature cause im sick of these guy haircuts. What else can I do?
note--ignore the money im not trying to show off. this is the only recent picture of me with long hair.

This pic is from a few months ago:…

This pic is maybe a month:…

note-- ignore the money im not tryin to show off its the only recent pic i have of me with long hair
The long hair deff looks better. I wouldn't say get glasses, but dress in more mature clothes...Instead of hoodies and hats that go backwards...Try shopping in the adults section, like maybe sweaters and shirts with collars.
Hair style help! Trying to look more mature. (pic)?
What are some styles I can do with my hair that are more mature and sophisticated/classy?
I'm really into pin-up style hair, so tips on that would be helpful
The long parts are extensions, and I'm looking for hair styles I can do with the extensions in.

My current hair VV
your pics are blocked.
short hair, a-line cut instantly adds a few years.
long hair is getting too common - everyone has extensions now.
edgey, short, and layered is hot and mature!
Mature 35 & older What would you do? Divorcees newly dating - the man ask woman to send a sexy pic so he can?
PLEASE himself. Would you send the picture?

Its been over 3months of dating and NO sex only hugging & lip kissing (no tongue). The Dates have been GREAT and both male & female don't want to rush into relationship just yet.

I don't like the idea of a man getting off to my picture. Am I being closed minded? What are your thoughts, would you?
Don't disrespect yourself that way !!!!! I mean you could break up next week and those same pics could end up on the internet!
Ladies- Would I look good with a buzz/military cut? (Want to look more mature. Pic included)?
Ladies, I have kinda shaggy hair and I was wanting to get a more mature look, instead of looking like 18. I want to look more my age than being a high school senior. Do you think I would look good with a bootcamp haircut/buzz?…
wooo! you're cuuuute ;] and yeahh it'll look sexy.
Is it weird if a mature guy puts his best male friends pic on his work desktop? know society's narrow minded look at male-to-male interaction...
Yeah you answered your own question: yes, because " know society's narrow minded look at male-to-male interaction..."

I do not find it weird, but I can count on one hand how many others I know that would actually share my view on it.

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