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I'm a mature 10 days old.
I like to be with men that are so fat they can't leave their beds, a captive audience if you will
Why do skinny people hate fatties?
I don't get it. What is it about us that makes thin people so angry? It's probably the common myth that all fatties (no offense, I hate euphemisms) are lazy and eat nothing but junk food all day long. I'm not going to make excuses, I overate for a long time because I was trying to stuff down bad feelings due to emotional and psychological abuse but I should have gotten counsel ling at the time instead of binge eating so it's my own fault, I know that. All you can do is forgive yourself, and I'm a different person now. I look back at that horrible time in my life and feel sad for the young woman I used to be because I was extremely unhappy.

I have this neighbor who, every time he sees me gives me a load of abuse. He's even followed me up the street cursing me out saying you fat *** using all the obscene language under the sun. He's even come to my apartment (stood outside the closed door) and threatened to beat me up. If he did follow through, I would call the police IMMEDIATELY. He seems like the nasty vindictive type (I don't really know this person except that I've seen him around sometimes as he lives a few apartments away).

Idiots yelling things from cars I can handle, but I've also gotten nasty comments from people older than myself (I'm 36) who should be mature enough to know better. Thin people loathe us, or is it that they are scared of becoming us? It's hard when you have constant pressure to be thin, especially when you have a legitimate medical condition like an under active thyroid, which makes it extremely hard to lose the pounds. I've suffered bad periods of depression because of the constant dieting and feeling let down when I know I've done as much as I can but it still doesn't work. And I'm not saying 'poor me', most of the time the morons who hate on me can go and get ***** but at the same time I do get down about it and don't understand why there is such hostility toward fat people like we're less than everyone else. People with drug and alcohol addictions are given more regard in the community whilst fatties are degraded and made to feel like low lifes for similar problems.
I'm not justifying cruelty which I think is abhorrent. But, honestly, fat people are gross and disturbing. Visually gross, a sexual turnoff. And really disturbing because you say "How could someone live that way"? I know that when I started to get overweight everything was a physical struggle, even walking up hill. Horrible.

But beyond that, fat is a matter of choice. Yes, I know you say you have difficulties, but no, you do not. Fat people are the way they are because they ate too much and weight can always be lost, in fact, if you stop eating entirely it goes down to zero. So it's a matter of personal behavior and when people exhibit behavior that society considers harmful, the instinct is to criticize them and pressure them into changing it.

Screw the dieting, BTW, it will just make you starve and you'll never lose anything. Just cut out *all* the crap from your diet, that means everything except meat and vegetables and fruit. Everything. Potatoes and bread and rice are just like sugar. Look up the paleolithic diet. You'll lose the weight quickly enough even though you eat as much as you want, in fact, you'll have a hard time keeping it on. I've discovered this, and so have lots of other people. We're fat because we eat unnaturally rich foods that we can't resist and that screw up our natural regulatory mechanisms.
How do i gain more muscle and have a nutrition plan?
i play basketball player and i wouldn't really say i have an athlete's body. i have belly rolls, i'm scrawny as fuuuuu, and my vertical is absolutely horrid for a hooper. I was on my school's freshman A team and just relied on my shooting abilities but i wanna be able to do more then just shoot. Most of the players at my local court are much stronger and bigger then me and can just push me around and score an easy layup if they keep me in the paint, but i wanna change that. i wanna get fit and gain strength that'll help me out when playing. my diet is just indescribable, i eat when i want and whatever i want and it usually consists of fatties and junk foods. i have very little biceps, can barely do 60 pushups nonstop, and bench is at around 135. i'm around 5'8 and weight 148 pounds. i need help! all answers are welcomed! jusst please, keep it mature.
Hi, if you want to gain strength and muscle quickly then you need to start doing dead lifts. There is no better exercise for what you want.

The dead lift hits virtually every muscle in your body. The thing with this exercise is that it can be hard to do because it stresses your whole body, and that is why so many people avoid doing it.

You need to do a warm up set with a light weight for about 15 reps, and then you do 3 sets with a weight which just allows you to do 8 reps. Once you can do 3 sets of 8 reps, you add 5 pounds to the bar and start again.

Do this 2-3 times a week, just make sure that you have 2 days off between each workout, because you will need the time to recover. Oh, make sure that on your days off, eat lots of healthy food. Hope that helps.

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