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My little sister keeps watching lesbians making out online?
A couple of days ago I went into a room and my little sister (she's 11) was in there on the computer.I saw her watching lesbians making out..etc.I asked her what she was doing and she looked really embarrassed.Is it normal for a 11 year old to watch things like that?
It may not be normal..but it's natural. Let her be.
What percentage of lesbians are attracted to men at least a little bit?
Obviously lesbians like women, but since there straight men on the "down low", does it stand to reason that there are lesbians who are attracted to men at least a tiny bit? If so, do they ever act on it on the "down low"?
I have not heard of any definitive studies beyond the work of Dr. Kinsey.…

10 little lesbians ?
Can you fill in any other lines from 9 to 2 ?
Sorry, I'm not well today.
Ten little lesbians stepping out to dine. One over indulged herself and then there were nine.

One little lesbian all alone and sad. Fred Phelps came up and said "Hi honey, I'm your dad".
Rose P.
Ten little lesbians stepping out to dine. One over indulged herself and then there were nine.

Nine little lesbians sat waiting for a mate, one fond her own and then there were eight,

Eight little lesbians sat in the tree of heaven, one fell out and then there were seven.

seven little lesbians ate some drugged brownie mix, one of them passed out and then there were six ,

Six little lesbians put on an island to survive, one was voted off and then there were five,

five little lesbians doing all my chores, one fainted of exhaustion and then there were four,

four little lesbians invited to tea, one was allergic and then there were three,

three little lesbians, up for job review, one got fired and then there were two.

two little lesbians, hair done in buns, one got asked out and then there was one,

One little lesbian all alone and sad. Fred Phelps came up and said "Hi honey, I'm your dad".
Are pon and zi(little emo people) lesbians?
i read an article saying that they were...and in the comics zi is definately a girl because pon says the word 'girlfriend' reffering to her. pon's gender is never i will immagine them as cute little lesbians. im a lesbian so it all works out lol

this is them…

pon is yellow zi is blue...

wow i never knew that
but now that you mention that....yes i can see that because they do both look like the same gender
so yeah maybe
Lesbians/bisexuals: What are little things you love for a woman to do to you?
Eg: play with your hair, run her nails up and down your arm, etc etc
I like when they play with my hair , hold me close , hugs are great , rub my butt and kiss me (french kiss )

Why Do Most Butch Lesbians Pay So Little Attention To Themselves Physically?
I've been to gay clubs and about 80% of the lesbians I saw are so frumpy, overweight and have these god awful men's hairstyles - Why do they pay so little attention to beautifying themselves? Why wear men's clothing? One can still express their masculine sides in nicer, much more suitably fitted clothing? Any thoughts?
I wonder where you are from, because here I rarely see that. All the little butchies at the bar always look hot. Granted there are the occasional few who look as you described but 9 out of 10 are dressed nice and looking good. I guess some people just dont care what they wear and what can you do about that? Come to KY sometime and go to Lex or Louisville and you will see all the hotties.
What are names for feminine lesbians other than "Lipstick Lesbian"?
I know the feminine name lipstick lesbian for a girl, because thats what I am, but my friend and I were wondering if there were anymore. And I know Dyke isn't for the feminine use. Neither is bulldyke. Im looking more for nice cute little lesbian names.
Doily Dyke.
This might be a little wierd... lesbians please answer...?
Well i am a lesbian i've always been atracted to girls since i was 10 i am 18 now. And i have never had sex with a girl. Now my girlfriend and i are getting serious and we both have ben talking about having sex. And we feel that we are ready. Thing is im clueless on what to do... Im nervous i might do something wrong... And i am the type of person that likes to know things ahead of time so i wont mess up...

Can you tell me in detail how to have sex like fingering, going down, and positions. I've watched porn but that seems a little out there. If you want you could message me...

Id really appreciate your help... Thank you
hey.. oh iv been lesbian since i was like 10 also and i know what ur going through, you need help ill tell you
first kiss her very nicely then take ur hand and put it on her boobs suqqez it.. then stop kissing her and take her shirt and bra off.. go to her boobs and start sucking it ! when ur down with that go down to her pussy (if theres no hair on it, its perfect) go down slide ur finger down it. take ur finger and put it in a whole.. the pussy is gonna be very pink okay. put ur fingers in it(1-3 finger is best. see how many of ur finger can fit in her pussy) put it in and then pull it out. but not all the way out . ur fingers still have to be in her pussy. so then puss it in as u can, and pull it out (but not all the way out) . keep repating it. and when u get tired. take ur lips and suck her nice pussy okay,, then go to her lips and kiss her. let her taste her nice juices okay
hope all this helped
How do you know if your a Lesbian (Little bit Graphic)?
I masterbate to alot of lesbian porn, and some men and women. But I'm pretty sure I only focus on the girls.
i'm a little confused, how do you know?
That's how you know. You just answered your own question.

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