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Lesbian positions?
my girlfriend is coming over tonight and we are having a special night.
what are some positions i can try so i can impress her.
and also anyone know some tricks on kissing lol.
As for sex advice, the first number one thing I can suggest is being yourself and having fun; because that's what matters most importantly! :D

Also to spice up your sex life, I'd suggest using toys, like any kinds of dildo's or strap-ons you can get a hold of, if you can. Also any kind of role-playing or foreplay is always good. :)

69 and grinding is always fun! Also sitting on each other's faces is a given, and fingering always works out for the best! :D

Also try having sex in different locations, other than in bed. The bathtub is a great place to have fun! Or try sitting on the kitchen table and pleasuring each other with food, say like straberries and whip cream. Get creative! :D
What website will give me legitimate advice on lesbian sex positions?
I'm a bisexual in my first relationship with a girl and I am looking for a website that will give me legitimate creative advice for sex, mostly on different positions or things to try, without heavy emphasis on toys.. I've searched google but I'm not looking for porn, or obvious positions that I've already heard of.
try this
it's not porn it shows you with dolls
Good lesbian sex positions to try with my girlfriend?
I'd like to keep it all natural(as in no sex toys)

Any ideas?
my favorites are


but i'd do anything if sex was involved because I'm a lesbian too. :D
Lesbian sex positions?
I am a lesbian and I want to know what are some really good positions to pleasure both partners at the same time..?
Different lesbian sex positions?
do you know any lesbian sex position? cos me and my girlfriend are getting bored with our sex life. we want something new and hot and sexy ;)
Check this out:

What are the best lesbian sex positions? No toys...?
My girlfriend and I are getting bored with our current sexual activities. What things can we do to spice it up without the use of toys?
Do it i'n different places, the floor, the closet, car, beach.
My gf really liked the position where she sits between my legs and I finger her there. It made her feel safe cuz I'm like all around her. Or laying down in the spooning position and do it that way, she really liked that too.
You could eat her out with her sitting above you like on your face.
You could kiss her all over really slow and take things slow. Like lean i'n to kiss her really slow and keep your lips rt by hers but don't kiss her, and kind of brush your lips and then pull away slowly.:) that's fun, I liked doing that. You could play a game like wrestling and whoever is on top for 5 seconds and you have to kiss for 5 seconds to win. That's really fun!;)
If you have an iPhone they have a lesbian sex game.

You could tie her hands together like to the bed frame. That's fun for a little bit.

So ya hopefully I helped;)
What are good Lesbian positions?
I'm dating a friend gone lover for about 2months now, we're pretty hot and heavy, very serious about each other. She's never been a sexual type of person, never willingly checked-out porn, or had many partners. I'm the only girl she's ever been with, but behind close doors or among ourselves only will she throw out some hott @$$ sexy comments and talks dirty to me all the time, she really gets the dirty talk in bed, which she knows turn me on really niicce! I'm so amazed, coming from the friend side to see and hear her talk and act like this. Sex is great, could get better if i knew how to handle her or go about it.. what should I do? What good sex positions that i don't know already could i bring up? Oh she's very out spoken, she just doesn't seem to be fluently out spoken when it comes to this matter, more on the shy side, as well as myself when it comes to her and sexual positions. She has a lot of insecurities, help me out peeps, How should I go about all this?
i love freak in the beds like that. quiet by day, animals by night. that's normal though especially if shes not used to all of that. pinning her up against a wall, wrapping her legs around you. for me its not so much about positions but environment which can lead to interesting positions. get her in the mood too by relaxing her first. massages are nice. sometimes just having a good conversation and a sexy, simple dinner of salad and wine helps ease the slight tension. and guide her through the way. show her how its done. if you wanna experience new things you could try sex toys too. you could also give her actual directions to do it to herself and then tell her to do the same thing and just watch each other. its like phone sex in person which is really interesting. she could also get on her knees and you could get under her. have fun! :)
I'm told that "scissors kissing" or "scissors grinding" are the lesbian positions I would like to try. Fun?
Any girls out there who have tried this with their girlfriends? I would like to surprise my lover with this tonight but want some feedback if this is stimulating. I hear it is fantastic but want to hear opinions from other more experienced lesbians. I'm kind of new to all of this. Sorry to bother you but thanks.
its good if you can climaxx from grinding.Have u ever strapped her now that is some stimulation for ya a**...lol
I need to do ''human sexuality'' course evaluation, what are some gay positions?
and lesbian positions? when they make love i mean.

the professor want us to write what's missing from the textbook and the lecture.
doggie style
Do you think openly gay/lesbian people will ever hold high political positions.?
Positions such as president, vice president and secretary of state I mean. If you have any interesting sources to support your opinion that I can check out that would be SUPER appreciated. I've been trying. Thank you. This is a tough sociology paper I have to write and I'm not asking anyone to do it for me. I just need a little help. Thanks.
Yeah, I'm sure they will. Not too long ago Iceland's PM (who is a lesbian) was elected, and Barney Frank (who is gay) has been serving in Congress for ages.

I think it will take the US a little while yet to elect someone who is openly gay to president or vice president, because a lot of people are still very religious and/or conservative, but lots of countries all around the world have gay or lesbian officials. The US does too, although not at such a high level.

One of the board of trustees at my university was just voted in, and she's the first openly lesbian college board member in the state. And a trans woman narrowly missed being mayor of my hometown some years ago. The student body president of my university is openly gay, and has stated that he has gubernatorial aspirations... I'm sure he'll make it. So yeah, it'll happen eventually.

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