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Would twinks be attracted to a 37 yr old truck driver?
I have a strong attraction to twinks and wondering if they are hung up on what do you for a living. I am a 37 year old truck driver, make decent money, masculine, I am bald though and have a beer belly.
Yeah, some twinks may like you. But I suggest you change your beer belly to abs. That will be no problem at all lol
When will this all '' straight acting '' end , all of it's arrogance and the divisions end -_____- ?
I'm sick and tired of this

The effimates
The twinks
The bears
The '' straight acting ''…

I'm sick and tired of the too effimate
I'm sick and tired of vague , superficial sexual conquests

I'm sick and tired of the '' straight acting '' gay dudes that probably think that nobody can see that they are gay when probably half of the world can see it and yep people can tell the difference between masculine straight men ( the majority ) with masculine gay men ( minority )

It's not just how you present yourself ... women in particular can detect them ... they can tell if it's a minority or a majority

Why hung up on the divisions ?
When will all of this end ?

Sorry I know how you feel and I TOTALLY AGREE! Labels are so overrated and anyone who feels the need to label their self, is obviously insecure! So much ignorance out here.;…

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