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What kind of man wears a red hot pantyhose?
I have a friend whose husband wears a red hot pantyhose. Why??
He is secure in who he is and his own sexuality, and he likes red hot pantyhose.
How can i get my friends hot sisters used pantyhose?
how can i get my friends hot sisters used pantyhose without her noticing it and i will not ask her for 1, how?
Why do you even want it? Just take it when shes not around. Then replace it with new pantyhose.
Do you still wear pantyhose to work when it's hot outside?
Do you still wear hose to work when it's hot, or do you sometimes go bare under a skirt/dress?
How many days a week do you usually wear pantyhose?
Yes, I wear pantyhose all of the time whether it is hot or not. I wear pantyhose 6 or 7 days per week.
Anybody wear pantyhose when the weather is hot?
I've seen some girls/ladies wearing pantyhose with their knee-length/above knee-length/mini skirt though the weather is hot (above 25 degree Celsius). How do you handle it?
Yes I do. Nice sheer pantyhose are not hot at all can actually give a cool sensation on the legs when it is hot. And since I wear them under jeans a lot, they prevent the jeans or pants from sticking to the skin. Instead they slide nicely along my legs. The weather being hot is not a reason not to wear pantyhose. It is more comfortable in a way and as always they still feel good.
Who else thinks Ann Curry looks so hot in her pantyhose legs on the today show?
Her legs are the best on that show , but Natalie Morales is a fast runner up!
Oh YEAH !!! Ann Curry looks VERY hot because of those beautiful, sexy, pantyhosed legs of hers!

Did you see her interview with the man who had coached Princess Di for public speaking? Ann wore the most wonderful "buff" colored pantyhose, and she looked so sexy! When they reran the program, I recorded it just to look at Ann's beautiful pantyhose covered legs.

Mmm, me like-ee.
Don't you feel that your thighs are too hot when you are sitting in pantyhose under pants / jeans?
A few days ago I tried to wear pantyhose under my jeans and sat at the computer. These were 15DEN pantyhose. After a few minutes I felt that my tighs were hot. Do you feel the same when you're sitting in pantyhose under pants / jeans?
i wear pantyhose everyday and they feel great
Why do women wear pantyhose/tights in hot weather?! Its 22 degrees in my area of the UK now!!?
In town today,many of them were wearing knee length skirts and tan or skin colour pantyhose/tights! I even saw one woman wearing an ankle length skirt and black opaque tights!! It amazes me at how many wear them in this weather. Why do women wear them in HOT weather?
To look classy and to finish out an outfit.
Does anyone have any hot pantyhose sex stories that they would like to share in exchange for mine?
I have a real big fetish for women or even she-males in pantyhose, I have plenty of adventures to share.
Well i had such a big fetish i am wearing them now.
Do I need to wear pantyhose even if is very hot for a job interview?
how to dress for a job interview in summer time.
yes you should

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