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Has anybody ever been bound and gagged in a robbery or home invasion?
It just happened to us and i am mostly surprised that i was not so much scared as embarrassed. me and my mother were woken up in the middle of the night by burglars and rather thoroughly hogtied and gagged. We stayed that way til dawn when my boyfriend came to pick me up and untied us.
Your lucky, most of the time when Trolls come into my home, they poke at my ankles and ask strange questions about things that never actually happened.

Count your blessings.
Has anybody ever been the victim of a home invasion robbery?
A month ago i woke up to bright flashlights shining in my eyes and ended up bound and gagged til dawn when my husband came home. It was really scary but i was mostly humiliated at being found helpless, hogtied and gagged.
That is awful. I'm sorry to hear that.
No, i have never been a victim of home invasion, thank god!
Bondage enthusiasts, what is the sexiest position to see a woman bound and gagged?
1)Chair Tied
2) Spreadeagled
4)Standing, hands above head
I just love chair ties- for both men and women.

I'm also a fan of anything that has women either standing or kneeling with their arms behind their back or above their heads and behind them.
Has anybody here ever been tied up and gagged by an intruder?
Came home from an overnight shift to find my wife hogtied and gagged on our bed. She had been sleeping when 2 men and a woman broke in, made her give them her pin codes, credit cards, check book and car keys. She was than rather thoroughly bound and gagged while they ransacked our home and took off in our car.
I am surprised at how deeply the incident has effected her. I could see if she had been beat up or assaulted, but she was simply tied up. She wants me to pay for her to go to therapy over it, but i think she just needs to man up and shake it off. Has anybody ever been through something similar?
Has anyone ever been tied up in a robbery?
About a month ago my husband and i were sound asleep when 3 men burst into our bedroom wearing ski masks. We were basically hogtied and gagged while they ransacked the house for hours. My ister stopped by the next morning, and freed us, as that we were tied for a good 5 hours, unable to free ourselves. it was a very frightening experience, yet i somehow feel more embarrassed then anything at having my sister see me trussed up and gagged like that.
Forget the embarrassment, consider yourself lucky that they didn't kill you!!
Do men like to be hogtied while barefooted?
Then gagged tightly.
Yes. And don't forget to grease them down, first!!
Has anybody ever been robbed at home?
Came home in the morning from a night shift to find my wife hogtied and gagged in bed. She had been woken up in the middle of the night by intruders, made to disclose pin numbers and valuables locations, then bound and gagged. She was tied for 5 hours, and it took me and the police 30 minutes to get her untied.
Has anyone ever been bound & Gagged in a home invasion robbery?
My husband was away on business and at about 3a.m. i was woken up by flashlights shining in my eyes. 3 men in ski masks lead me around the house and forced me to disclose the location of valuables. Then i was taken back to the bedroom and thoroughly, "hogtied", and gagged on my bed. I stayed that way until 7a.m. when my sister came over for our morning jog. It took her 20 minutes to get me untied. I am mostly embarrassed at having been found that way. How can i deal with the shame and humiliation. Does it make sense, the way i am feeling?
oh dear, thank heavens that you are alive to talk about it. The best advice that can be given is seek psychological help. Find a therapist or psychiatrist you went through something that was severely traumatic. Your gonna feel the way you feel no matter what anyone on here says just know that you did not bring this upon yourself so you shouldn't feel ashamed or humiliated. You were a victim, that doesn't mean your weak, that doesn't mean it was your fault, it means that you survived.

This website gives some tips to prevent this from happening and what to do if it does.


Sorry to hear that this has happen. May peace be with you
Was it wrong to guynap my boyfriends girlfriend?
I was furious when i found out about his cheating. I got some of my friends together, rented a motel room, and bought some rope and duct tape. We snatched her right out of her back yard when she was laying out near the pool. We took her to the motel room, hogtied her on the bed, gagged and blindfolded her, and left. The maid found her the next morning. It was traced back to us, and now we are being prosecuted and sued over a harmless practical joke.
You understand that would be guynapping yourself?
Is it normal to want to be tied up and gagged by hot guys?
I'm gay, and love being tied up and gagged by hot guys. I love the idea of being tied up and not being able to do anything about it. I like being tied up tightly in a hogtie with duct tape wrapped around my mouth so I can't talk. The guy could tie me up so tight that I couldn't get out and leave me there struggling all day and I that would be alright with me.
Sure it's normal! It's cool.

I'm a guy and I've tied lots of people, very tightly too. If you know the person and trust them then the sky is the limit!

It's a whole way of life and influences every aspect of who you are, so embrace it and cherish it. I do.

My belief is, there is no 'normal', there is only opinion. If you like it (as I do) then go with it, all the way!

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