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All Comments

What is a good search engine to look up gay rights???
ok im doing a report on gay rights and i cant seem to find a good search engine and i dont want to really use google cuz its not giving me much so yea got any good search engines i could use?????
I was going to suggest Google But that you should make your search detailed to reflect what your are looking for

Gay human rights
Gay social rights
Gay marriage rights

Ask the search for the most direct and narrow wording for the subject you are looking for.

It is really all in how you use the search engine to its maxium ability to search and find what you want.

By the way each of those search lines bring up different items to look at.

The first one I think brings up the broadest information.
I'm currently@school&my search engine blocks any word meaning gay but allows words like lingere what can I do?
Just wondering what you think.
I dunno honey.

At my last job, I used to get notices from the IT department all the time for "porn violations". Connectors are labeled and sold as "male" and "female". Every time I did a search to find a connector it would send a flag to IT and I'd get busted. It took two years, but I finally got them to fix it.

By the time you'd get your school's system fixed, you'll be outta there!

Hi guydo!!!!
Why the **** is AOL my search engine?
so i updated firefox, and im tryin to search for ****, but AOL is apparently my search engine now. whenver i type in the url area whatever im tryna search, it shows up, but in aol. its not that big of a deal, but i ******* hate gAy-OL. so yeah, someone help.
you could have downloaded something that changes your search engine, sometimes that happens
How do you find a gay friendly healthcare provider?
I was just curious if there was some type of WWW search engine that addressed finding a gay friendly healthcare provider. In my area of the country, even medical doctors are biased against members of the LGBT community.
Get real. Any licensed Professional medical personal is going to be for your best interests. My god what is your thought process here. Do you want a rainbow colored hospital. You are just being paranoid.
Have you ever noticed how the Yahoo search engine censors some searches?
I was reading a question about superheroes and went off on a tangent again about how superheroes were predominantly white males to begin with, then female characters, then characters from difference races and cultures began to creep in etc
But then I thought "surprising there hasn't been any gay superheroes?" - so i did a search.
Typed "gay superheroes" into yahoo search and got

"there was a problem performing the above action, please try another search"

Tried the same search on google and came up with a few thousand pages on the topic - By the way, Northstar (?) from the Xmen apparently (he had a thing for pyro lol)

This seems to happen a lot with the yahoo search engine on a variety of 'adult' searches - anybody know why they seem to be putting a moralilty censor on their search engine?

I have never experienced this and just tested your theory on Yahoo.

Any chance someone has managed to put a censor on your PC? Or browser?
Have you ever actually run into one of those loons that say they use to be gay?
You know those Gits who claim they are Ex-Gay, normally part of some Christian Ministry. I mean how in the blue hell does one get shoved into such a scam, it has been proven a slight type of the keyboard on any search engine will tell you the Ex-Gay ministries don't work and that it has been proven to be a giant scam. Besides the Mental issues that ensue, such as depression, self-loathing, paranoia and going utterly mad.
No, but they are SO ANNOYING.
Being gay isn't wrong. Going around saying you were gay but are "changed for the better" now is really dumb. Seriously?
How do i erase my search engine sites i viewed?
like when i put a g the sites i looked at with gay in the title apper i want to erase that so no one sees what i looked up online please help
You can right click on the Internet Explorer Brower.
Click on Properties. Then delete cookies and history.
I do this at least once a week. It also clears up space on
your computer from all the temp files.

Hope this helps.
What is the most popular UK gay personals website? is such a nuisance.

What's the most popular website to meet gay guys? I have tried gayromeo, which has a powerful search engine but it has few british men.
gaydar is probably the most popular website but there also a couple more listed below for you to try

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