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All Comments

How is it for gay guys in locker rooms or bathrooms?
I really don't mean to seem ignorant or rude, but this question has lingered in my mind for a while. Like i know if i could see girls changing in the locker room i'd love it, but do gay guys get the same feeling? And regretfully i could easily see the guy next to me at the urinal's junk, so what stops gay guys from purposefully doing it? Please answer and put my questions to rest.
What if the girls you were watching change in the locker room were ugly girls? It's the same for gays. They aren't attracted to every man they see in the locker room or bathroom. It all depends on the individual's preferences. I mean I'd like to be in a locker room full of hot athletic type guys, but not all of them will be so oh well. Even though I'm gay, I still followe proper men's bathroom etiquette so I don't look and I don't use the middle urinal. It's just rude.
Culturally speaking : but why do white guys think it's cool to do gay stuff in locker rooms ?
I notice this in high school,when we where in thre locker room,they would do gay stuff,like say look heres my weiner,touch each others buttocks

my fellow black teammates never did this stutff

most of my friends are white so no racist
Why do blacks think its cool to sag their pants when it used to mean in prison that you wanted butt sex? You're a filthy *****.
How do gay guys change in locker rooms?
without getting hard? do they close theyre eyes or something?
They don't care. They figure all the normal guys won't be looking at their p*nis anyway (even though the gay guys will be looking at the normal guys' p*nises).

And Verva J, your answer is completely illogical. I get erections all the time and can't control it. Like when I'm at school and there's a girl who's know...and I'm able to see...well you know, I can't help it. Or I'm at a party and some highly attractive girl comes happens. Not something that can be controlled.
How is it for gay people in locker rooms?
im not trying to be insensitive
its just if i was in a room where people i find attractive were undressing i would enjoy it
and you always see straight guys saying that if they were invisible they'd sneek into the womens locker room so how is it for gay people since you can just walk into the locker room of people you find attractive
Kinda awkward. Only because some guys glare at me knowing I'm gay and assuming I want to look at them.

P.S. I don't look at them like that I know they are straight and I am more turned on by personality than physical appearance
What is a good gay porn site that has lots of men having sex in locker rooms in jockstraps and with coaches?
i would like to find a good gay porn site where there is unlimited videos of athletes having locker room sex jockstrap sex or just having sex with their coaches* or other players
try thats all i know of:/
Gay men at the gym/locker rooms?
Do gay men have a way to solicit sex at gyms or in locker rooms?
Ask Senator Larry Craig... LOL

As a gay man, I've never done, nor would I solicit sex in the locker room.

I get a date. I go meet my Mister Right for me or if it's just about sex, Mister Right Now.
Gay men in gyms/locker rooms?
do gay men have a way to solicit sex at gyms or in locker rooms?
Odd subject, but okay.

Usually, they do not solicit sex in locker rooms because they know they are drastically outnumbered by heterosexuals. They know that they can get some serious physical harm if they come on to a homophobe, but there are some cases where they misread a heterosexual as gay and ask for "favors" or simply ask for your number sometimes. If you say no, 99% they will respect you completely and never bother you again.

The stereotype of gays is promiscuity and atheism, but stereotypes do us no good. I'm friends with a homosexual and he is the 2nd most religious human being I've ever met.
Thanks for the question, hope this helps.
Question for Gays : Locker rooms?
I am gay, and I need to change in a locker room at school, and I don't want to be regarded as gay... Any tips on how to keep my meat from meeting other people? Just "Thinking about gross stuff" won't cut it. I've tried...
I spent a lot of time looking at the floor in junior high and high school. Especially in the showers!
Gay guys using gym locker rooms as their own personal strip clubs?
Is this common everywhere? Because where I'm from, there is this gym and the layout of it could be considered a "gay man's DREAM." There is a HUGE communal shower with the pole type showers in it, there's a big a$$ whirlpool same room as the shower poles, so you can literally sit in the whirlpool and watch guys showering like 5 feet away from you. The toilet stalls have no doors for some strange reason, and they have a long urinal trough instead of separate urinals. Also, there is a big mirror that seems like it was strategically placed in front of the glass sauna door, so that as you sit in the sauna, you have a direct complete view into the showers.

Anyway, with this being how the gym seems that guys come to this gym for this particular reason ONLY. None of the guys that come into the locker room ever work out, they just come for the "peep show." I'm not going to lie, I enjoy the "show" as well, but that's not the only reason I go to the gym. So, do any guys anywhere else go to the gym ONLY to sit around and stare at other guys? (I'm just wondering because it really baffles me that guys are paying $50-60 per mo. just to look at guys and sit around and not work out.)
Sounds more like a bath house than a gym to me!
SO Im wondering about this DADT thing and locker rooms, If gay men can be in the same locker room?
as straight men or lesbian women with women what exactly is the point of separate changing rooms?

I always presumed the point was so the men can't oogle the women or whatever but seriously now Im wondering.

Disclaimer this is not meant as a slam on homosexual people, Im just wondering why we dont expect the same restrain from straight people?
i think we just sort it so that nobody's parts come as a surprise to anybody.

seriously, put in a few stalls for changing, as there already are in restrooms and many women's locker rooms anyway (not having been in the men's ones i can't comment on them) and then let anybody in.

i believe your disclaimer. but gay and straight people have been sharing locker rooms for as long as there have been locker rooms.

*yeah, it's about the idea that women are too weak to fend off a guy. which was obviously the conclusion of people who hadn't met some of the present company.

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