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Who is a cute redhead actress?
I'm trying to find a cute young actress/model/singer that's in her teens or looks like she is. Red hair and green eyes, mainly someone that you would see as Lily Evans in HP. If you could help thank you soo much!!
Renee Olstead
Hallee Hirsh
Isla Fisher
Amy Adams
Debra Messing (looks a little older than what you're going for)
Scarlett Pomers
Sarah Wayne Callies
Christina Hendricks
Allyson Hannigan
Liliana Mumy
Jayma Mays
Amy Yasbeck
Kate Mara
Karen Gillian
Andrea Morris
Help me name my characters!?
I need names for my characters. First and last.
Lead Female: strong, opinionated, stuborn, pretty, dark hair dark eyes, American hispanic
Lead Male:Average teen, foster guy, Friendly, jock, black hair, blue eyes
Male teen: Serious, respectful, handsome, tall, smart, strong, leader, brown hair grey eyes
Female Teen: Cute, airhead, lots of curves, happy, boycrazy, short, BF of lead girl, blonde or redhead?- Katelyn or Katlin?
Mother of lead female: Strong, strict, secretive, hispanic
Bad guy- Intimidating, resentful, needs a strong name.
And a couple of names you would give people that are very old (names you don't hear too often now) and people with lots of power

Or hey, just throw some names out there:D
Remember first and/or last names!
Lead female: Sundari (sun-dah-ri)
Lead male: Riley
Male teen: Chase
Female teen:blonde, katlin
Mother of lead female: Ona (like anna)
Bad guy: Jason
Other old names:
Pauline,paula, rosaline, Reg, mae, maya, Allen, donald
Hope I helped you! :)

Hope I helped a bit :)
<3 desperate housewives characters? 10 POINTS!?
well i kind of doubt i'll actually write this story but since i'm, like really bored, i was thinking about writing a fanfiction called "desperate housewives high school edition"... but i was wondering, if i did, what would the characters be like back in high school?

for the story, i was thinking gabrielle and edie would be gorgeous mean cheerleaders (gabrielle isn't really that mean but is peer pressured by edie to be mean, and she's an expert on fashion, and edie is a slutty blonde cheerleader who HATES susan)
susan would be a cute but klutzy girl who is really friendly and popular and liked by all... all but edie that is.
bree would be a beautiful, perfect goody two shoes redhead who a lot of boys are in love with
katherine is an obsessive crazy who escaped from the loony bin
lynette... ?????? i have no idea what lynette would be like in high school. teen pregnancy maybe?

and for the boys:
victor is gabrielle's current boyfriend and carlos is her ex, and gabrielle wonders if she made the right decision by being with victor instead of carlos.
john rowland is a little kindergarten boy who has a crush on gabrielle... LOL
mike and susan have feelings for each other but edie always tries to butt in and steal mike. and katherine is just crazy and does all these insane things to try to get mike cause she thinks he loves her.
orson is bree's boyfriend and she loves him, but she doesn't know why karl, who's a notorious player, makes her feel so...... <3

kay so, do u have any other ideas what i should do with the characters? any ideas for what should happen to gabrielle, bree, susan, katherine and lynette and what they should be like? i promise to give 10 points to the best answer! thankies <3
It sounds good. Edie puts Gabrielle in a very dangerous situation and must chose and it almost cost her life but she realizes in the end that it is more important to be herself than to be pressured into something that will get her into serious trouble.

Bree would lose all of her friends but then a situation would come up and it would need the help of everybody else to get her out of the mess and through this they learn the important lesson in friendship.

These are just a few of the ideas.
Teen guy needs to romance adviceand is very confused on what to do?
Ok everyone I need your help. I'm in a difficult situation on the romance front where I can't decide which of these girls i should try to get with. Can anyone offer advice.

1. Girl who I sit next to on the bus on the way to and from school. We talk a lot to each over and she is very attractive . She is in a relationship already with an older guy and has dated one of my best friends. My friend tells me that she told him that her and her boyfriend have engaged in sexual acts despite both her and I only being 14 years old. We have spent up to twenty minutes in each overs arms when she was upset.

2. A girl I knew from primary school that I chat with regularly on Facebook. She is slightly less attractive than girl 1 however she has complimented me on several occasions and smiled at me a lot last time we met. We went out for a while in primary yet things got complicated. I did ask her out again over Facebook a few months ago and she refused, saying that she was only asked out the week before and it was a difficult family moment. We haven't spoken since.

3. The third girl is one I know from school that I talk with much. She is more cute than beautiful and I really like her. Two drawbacks. She fancies two friends of mine and openly tells me. And at a party I saw her at I asked her out after an excruciating hour she refused but said we should stay friends. We still are.

4. This one is a girl I don't know so much as the overs. She has pale skin and long ginger (redhead) hair which I have a thing for. Being a Ginger she is frowned upon and with me being a guy who can't resist a joke I do make the occasional Ginger joke. This may make it seem like she'd hate me yet she laughs and smiles at the jokes. She has also walled next to me once or twice and felt my 'above average size' biceps. I think she may want sex with me so should I see her more as a friend with benefits.  

Pls I need help on this ****.
I would definitely take girl two if she likes u the way u r then go for it!!
Hope i helped :)
NOT AGAIN! Can anyone help me with my love life? ANYONE!?
I'm just a typical teen. The thing is I like too many girls. I like brunettes,blondes, redheads, asian girls, white girls, black girls, latinas you name it. In my school there are these two girls. One is a light brunette with hazel eyes. Tall slim and rosy cheeks filled with filled with freckles. She has this cute laugh where she snorts. She's beautiful. Plus she's fun to be with. Since 2nd grade I've liked her because she was different from all the other girls. Then comes the other. HOT! Tall, Blondie, blue eyes, and not like every other hot blonde. She has this glow that separates her from everyone else. All you think is, "DAMN! SHE'S HOT!" I even know that some straight girls are starting to have lesbian crushes on her. It's insane! She's so energetic that she bounces off walls. Plus she's really smart. They both like me as a friend but once I get close to one of them the other comes along and leaves me with mixed feelings. Today in Study hall I was helping "Brunette" with homework and we were having an awesome time. We were flirting and laughing. Then "Blonde" came in and left me dead in my tracks. I immediately shifted my attention to her and I spent the rest of my time with her. Who do I choose and why? I'm just a guy who wants a good girl. HELP! Opinions count so who would you choose.
yeah blondie might be hott.. but "hot gets cold" if you get what im saying.. you should just really focus on which one you feel would be the most loyal and overall has a great personality because thats the **** that counts in the end anyway... yeah she may be "hott" but she could be this major *****, or unfaithful but overall its just a decision YOU are gonna have to make... look at the "heart" not the "looks".. good luck with that i hope it works out for you!

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