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All Comments

Why do people post fake celebrity nude photos?
its difficult to tell which ones are real and which ones are fake. a person can continue to deny the photos of them being them. any person can take a head shot of you and put it on a nude person's body. family. friends. etc. from adulthood to the teenage years. i guess you could sue the people who made them, but still. why do it? it is rather embarassing. recently it happened to tiger woods wife. so its bananas.
1. People have nothing better to do than cause trouble in someone elses life.
2. They feel "special" that they're causing all this gossip about this celebrity.
3. If they really hate that celebrity than they getting their "revenge"
Celebrity nude photo leaks: do you think they are intentional by the celeb?
I'm talking about photos that were taken in private, rather than paparazzi pictures. Things like the Ashley Green and Vanessa Hudgens. Same with celebrity sex tapes.

Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I just can't believe most of these were not intentionally leaked by the celeb.
to celebs *there's no such thing as bad publicity*
Why are people leaking so many celebrities nude photos?
like if a nude photos of a regular person is leaked its against the law.
but for celebrities it seems like a nude photo leaks and its not a big deal and it gets them more movie deals and more music deals.

now if it is truly voyeurism and invasion of privacy to film or take nude photos of someone, why aren't all the nude photos and sex tapes of celebrities taken off the internet?
Many of those are publicity stunts.

Those picutres are not accidentally leaked at all.

The publicist for the celebrity merely made it look like the photos were leaked.

If people knew that the photos were merely aprt of a publicity stunt few people would pay attention.

However if the photos are supposed to be secret photos that were leaked, then many more people will pay attention.
Is there something wrong with me? everytime I see a pretty female celebrity I google nude photos of them?
And I get angry when I can't find any
Sounds pretty normal to me.
Nude celebrity photos?
Can be fake or real.

trying to show my friend.
Go to Pictures of Megan Fox naked....than pictures of her from head to toe will show butt naked...
Does anyone keep nude photos of theirself on their computer?
I just wonder since every time a nude celebrity photo or sex tape is posted online they claim someone hacked into their computer and stole it. I don't believe them one bit and know that in most cases they release the photos and/or videos themselves for publicity. I'm just curious if this is a celebrity thing or if regular people do this as well.
No, but who ever does is retarded.
What celebrity recently put photos of them self nude on the internet?
I found this out because my local radio was saying how Vanessa Hudgens and Adrienne and now her(whoever it is). Please tell me who it is.
rhianna &
Why do so many Celebrities take nude photos of themselves and let them be stolen form their Computers?
Whats up with that? Is it all for Publicity? I mean this chick Cassie. Rihanna does it too
i believe its to boost their career and fame so they will get noticed and theyll be on the news,in magz and all over the place.
I have a nude picture of Rosie O'Donnell from about 5 years ago. What is it worth?
I know that nude celebrity photos are worth money so could anyone give me an estimate in how much it's worth? She's completely nude.
It ain't worth the paper and the ink it was made from.
Toss it out:in the chemical waste.

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