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Why is there so much sex and sexual references in the movie Black Swan?
I don't get what it has to do with anything except the sex scene with Lily cos I know Lily represents the Black Swan but that's it.
She begins the movie as a very naive, dependent, innocent girl. In essence, as said in the movie, she is the white swan. It is through her sexual awakening and exploration that she first begins to explore the personality of the black swan.
What is that movie where a black man is forced to have sex to contract HIV?
My memory is hazy but I've been trying to recall this one movie where this one black guy (Might have been Denzel) was guynapped and forced to have sex with an HIV infected blonde by some crime organization and then the tape was sent to his wife.
wasnt HIV it was the clap or something.Ricochet thats the movie.with john lithgow
Did black guys not know about sex during the 1960's?
How did black guys even learn about sex back then and what age did they teach it in school.I am black and 16 and if you grew up in my generation the hip hop generation,You would hear about sex mostly through television.rap music,R&B music and movies involving blacks and the white guys seem to be more naive about sex while the black guys knew more than the white guys but we mostly heard it through conversation.Today dont expect an 11 year old black boy to not know what "licking P&ssy" means cause he would not probably too much.
yes we did.
Why do movies always show ghetto black women or abused, sad black women?
Tons of movies with black women make it seem like black women's lives are full of abuse and stress. Its always like these two types. The women are sex driven, and deal with sexual abuse and physical abuse, and it leads to black women getting angry or becoming emotionally frail and extremely weak.

Why is this?
Most movies (American movies) unfortunately are made by old assss racist white men
A black belt wins no matter sex/size? (or someone's had an overdose of action movies)?
I was hanging out with a friend today and I mentioned that my girlfriend does jujitsu and says she is a black belt. He said I was crazy, dating a girl who could kick my a**. I said I didn’t think she could, I mean she’s 165 cm 55 kg maximum, and looks a little like Natalie Portman and I am 185 cm and weigh 79 kg and I play basketball. My friend just laughed and said that I wouldn’t stand a chance against a black belt, no matter sex or size. He says he’d be scared of her, cause she could knock him/me out with a single kick or throw him/me around like a ragdoll. I think he may have watched too many martial arts movies. So who is right, me or him?
Size always matters. You could be a black belt, but still get dropped by a guy who has 100lbs of muscle on you.

Also, girls generally have weaker strikes due to less muscle mass, and strength is essential in any fight (anyone who advocates doing precise spin-kicks or something of that nature hasn't been in a fight). Without strength, anything short of hitting well-guarded weak points (throat/eyes/groin) will not be effective.

The techniques used are important as well. Many martial arts taught are not designed for effective, practical combat. This is why they don't often teach throat strikes.
What is the name of an adult movie with a scene where a black man has sex with ron jeremy's wife?
All i really remember is that ron jeremy was asleep in the same bed whiule they had sex right behind him. Was the first one i ever saw and was wanting my girlfriend to see it.
Yesterday night I watched it for free here:
In the movie Black Swan, did the guy who picked the dancers have sex with Lily?
Also, was Lily really trying to sabotage Nina?
No, he didn't. At least not to our knowledge. The only sex that happens in the movie is that Nina and Lily have sex (but it is only in Nina's imagination) and Lily mentions having had a one night stand with a man she met at a bar.

Lily was also not trying to sabotage Nina. Nina thought she was, only because Lily almost got the main role in the ballet that Nina wanted.

Hope that answered your question!
Do white men and black men view sex differently?
It seems that in literature, songs, movies and pornography (all of which can be biased), black men have more of a desire to dominate women and walk away while white men are "wimpier" and can become clingy. Black men seem to view women as objects more than white men as well. This really isn't meant to be an attack or racist, I just wanted some opinions. I understand it ultimately comes down to the individual.
Yes! Culturally speaking, black men view sex and women very different from white men. One must remember that blacks originated from Africa which is a Eastern culture. Eastern cultures view women as objects, servants, slaves. In fact, many African cultures believe in female mutilation and they cut out some of the woman's God given sex organs in order to keep her subservient and degraded. African girls are often married at extremely young ages, even before they reach sexual maturity. The men have more than one wife, and the women have no rights. Although blacks came to the West as a result of slavery, black people have retained many of their African roots and beliefs, and this is what you see been reflected in the media. It's sad, but true.

As for white men, I'm on the outside looking in, but it seems that they have more respect for their women because their women have more respect for themselves. While I do believe that white women believe in respecting their men, they don't put their men on pedestals the way black women do. Many of the rights that I enjoy as a woman in America came because some white woman stood up and fought against some sort of sexist injustice. My basic point: the white community puts its women on a pedestal. The white community has treated her in such a way that men from other races fantasize about her because she represents a status symbol/ trophy/prize.

However, the black community puts its men on a pedestal. That's why more and more black men refuse to work and depend on the female to support them, among other atrocities that I won't list here.

Of course, not all black men do this. There are some black men who strive to be faithful to their wives, contribute to their families and community, and are hard working and law abiding. Unfortunately, those black men are few and far between.
Why even in so called black movies?
Black people don't have sex but if a white guy is in the movie he will be having sex with a black woman? I don't get it this is 2010 and black people are still afraid to show black love on the big screen. Does this mean that black people are raciest against each other?
good point

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