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Where can I buy BC Footwear shoes?
I'm looking for BC Footwear shoes, they're kind of like tennis shoes. They're flat and come in different colors an patterns, there's the plaid skulls addict pair, tattoo striped slip on, floral print, metallic, there's alot and I've been searching everywhere for them online, since stores on't carry them anymore. They're slip ons. Does anyone know a site or store that sells them???? I'm dying here, any help would be great!
Recommend Amazon:
Do you know where I can find the BC Footwear shoe style called "Shoot the Breeze"?
I have found a few places online but they are all sold out. Know of any places that are still selling them?
not sure
Where can i get BC Footwear shoes?
It has to be size 5.
Depends on which ones you want, but Delias, Nordsrums, Journeys...pretty much anywhere. But here are some sites you can check out online.


I love their shoes too ;)
BC Footwear Women's Earthquake Thong Sandal?
I am looking for this shoe in gray and cant find it anywhere.........i love this shoe and it got chewed up HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP : [
try target
BC footwear Love At First Sight?
can't find these shoes anywhere online...helppp! thanks :)
Where can i buy the gold bc ice cream sandwich shoe in a size 7.5?
i found one at a dsw and fell in love but no one could find its mate. i tried another dsw and looked online and can't find that style, size, and color anywhere. you can see what i'm talking about here: www.amazon.com/BC-Footwear-Womens-Cream-Sandwich/dp/B000QH5OGM
You could try this site and see if they have got it shoes.acebizs.com .
What are the brands of shoes that free people sells?
i dont know, but i think that they dont make their own shoes, they just sell other brands...i know one is bc footwear...what are the rest
Jeffry Campbell, Kangaroos, Jim Barnier, Hunter, Farylrobin, Birkenstock, Gola, Dr. Martens, Frye, and Superga, among others.
Where can i find women's combat boots with a heel like 4 inches high?
BC footwear is supposed to have some but i cant find them...if you can that would help too
Never seen such things. But you might be able to one of those places that repair shoes to replace the heel on real combat boots with something a little (or a lot) higher.
Vintage CLothing Locations and footwear blah blah blah?
are there any vintage clothes in bc near vancouver but farther away?

pics/webs help

im live in orlando and im going to visit my friend who lives in coquitlam and i wanna bring somthing vintage back:)
hey, i live orlando & i`m going to vist my grandparents in surrey this summer.

what r the chances?

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